PEOPLE OF THE SUN (WINNER OF THE 2016 FON SOUTH ASIA SHORT STORY AWARD) - Panchangam threw the coke can on the ground. There was a sound of crunch as the red can hit arid land. - ​Kitaab

FAMILY DINNER - They are at dinner at the hotel when they hear the first sound of gunfire. - ​Every Day Fiction

GECKO ON THE WALL - I stare in confusion at Dipti and Choti standing outside my front door. - ​Eclectica/Wasafiri

FLURT - “Can I tell you something?” Porus leans over and asks. - Avatar Review

CHICKEN ON THE TREETOP - It's after waking up that Jamie realizes his bag has been stolen. - QLRS

BOONGTHING - New husbands are like burrs: they stick, they irritate, and they’re mostly unwanted. - The Indian Quarterly/ Helter Skelter Magazine/ Vogue

HOOPSTERS -​ We enter a narrow muddy path with jhopadpattis on both sides. - News18

THE GOOD HUSBAND (SHORTLISTED FOR THE DNA-OUT OF PRINT SHORT FICTION COMPETITION) - The digital clock is blinking its red numbers: 3:45 pm. - DNA

DOLL HOUSE - Uncle tells me that he has two gifts for me: a pink doll and a red lollipop. - Cosmopolitan

31B - The brown-and-yellow steel snake slithered to a screechy stop at the Churchgate dock. - Pothi

I AM MAN - They think he knows something, these people do. But he doesn’t. - The Bombay Review